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Welcome to Intellemetrics

Intellemetrics designs and manufactures a range of optical and crystal monitoring and control systems. These systems are integrated onto vacuum coating and plasma etch systems around the world. These monitors are used across a wide range of thin film coating and plasma etching applications to analyse and control the growth or removal of material, measuring in-situ real-time thickness variations during complex fabrication processes.

Our products integrate onto our customer's vacuum systems to give them the precision, accuracy and certainty they need to achieve their processing goals. Intellemetrics integrates advanced Windows®-based modelling and control software with sophisticated optoelectronic hardware that enables our customers to achieve:      

                      higher precision and accuracy
                      higher performance products
                      higher yield processes
                      reduced process development times
                      reduced manufacturing costs

Intellemetrics also undertakes research and development work aimed at providing customised process monitoring solutions. Intellemetrics brings together a team with many years experience in the design, build, testing and implimentation of optical and crystal process monitoring and instrumentation equipment for the thin film coating and plasma etching industries.

Latest News

New LEP500 Released

The new LEP500 Etch Depth Monitor has now been released with many improvements over the highly successful LEP400 system.

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URGENT: Upgrade from Windows 2000 / XP to Windows 7

Customers with equipment running under Win2000/XP should contact us immediately to upgrade to Windows 7. And take the opportunity to upgrade to FilmMaker2 and FilmDirector2 at the same time.

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Intellemetrics Releases FilmMaker2 and FilmDirector2

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